Reasons Why It Is Time to Transition Your Commercial Property to Access Control Locks

Posted on: 5 February 2021

One aspect of owning the commercial property that people never think about is the locking systems. Yet, the same way that you eventually have to replace items such as printers, office furniture and even electronics, your commercial locks will also need professional attention.

However, while it may seem easier to repair or replace your traditional cylinder locks, it is worth noting that upgrading these systems will go a long way in minimising issues that would mandate hiring the services of a commercial locksmith routinely. If you are sceptical about investing in an entirely new locking system, consider the following reasons why it is time to transition your commercial property to access control locks.

Access control locks help monitor movement in your premises

If you have conventional cylinder locks, you likely also have a timesheet that your employees will have to sign when they arrive and leave the office. Since this timesheet is based on trust, you should know that it is easy for individuals to alter their sign in and sign out times to suit their needs. As a result, you may be noticing a drop in productivity in your office but cannot pinpoint why it is happening. Access control systems are a great way to mitigate this issue.

Since every employee will have to use a programmed card to access the property, you get meticulous records of all movement into and out of your commercial property. Consequently, you may notice that the timeliness and attendance of your employees will improve greatly. Take note, this monitoring of movements also helps ensure that unauthorised individuals do not gain access to restricted parts of your premises, which can help with reducing the risk of trespassing and, to an extent, theft.

Access control locks offer unsurpassed flexibility

Although cylinder locks are affordable, they are also quite inconvenient. Considering that these locks come with sets of keys, it means the more doors your property has, the more keys that you have to carry around. For starters, if you lose this bunch of keys, you will have to replace or rekey all the locks in your commercial property, which will not only prove time-consuming, but it will be quite expensive too.

Secondly, if any of your employees loses a key, there is the risk of it getting into the wrong hands, potentially without your knowledge, and this opens your business up to security breaches. These inconveniences can be avoided with access control locks. The programmable nature of these keycards means all you need to do is have a commercial locksmith deactivate a lost or stolen card, saving you the hassle of lock replacement!

A commercial locksmith can help you set up an access control system for your business.