3 Ways to Achieve the Best Security System for Your Hotel

Posted on: 22 May 2020

Hotels are becoming a frequent target for criminals and terrorists. The implications of such activities could end up ruining your hotel's reputation. You could also face some serious losses. Taking the necessary safety and security measures should be a top priority for your hotel. One of the best ways to keep your hotel and the people inside it safe is by installing a security system. 

Here are the elements that your hotel security system should have.

Access Control System

The access control system is a collection of devices that work together to control the people allowed to enter a building. The access control system is connected to the control panel. The control panel is the central intelligence of the security system. The best location for the control system is in the most secure part of your hotel. Some components that make up part of the access control system are the key fobs, intercoms and photo ID badges. 

You have the freedom to control which employees can access certain rooms. Also, you can give guests access to common areas like pools and gyms depending on your hotel's layout. 

Different Cameras

When it comes to security cameras, one system does not work for all hotels. Thus, avoid getting the same layout as you saw in a different facility. Take time to understand the needs of your establishment and find out which camera will work best. For instance, if you wish to enhance security in your parking lot, cameras with night vision can prove helpful. 

You should install specialised cameras all over your hotel. That will offer the best possible video surveillance and coverage for your establishment. If you face security problems, then you may need to add extra cameras. 

Video Verification System

It is expensive to have the police department come to investigate a false alarm in your hotel. The video verification system ensures that authorities dispatch during real emergencies. Thus, you save both your time and money. 

Once an intrusion device trips, the system records a video clip of the event. That video clip is then sent to the central monitoring centre for an operator analysis. The operator will only notify the authorities when they see suspicious human activity. 


Every hotel is different and has different security needs. Keep in mind that the security system is a long-term investment. Therefore, hire a professional security firm or locksmith, like Frost Security Locksmiths, to help you get the best security system. Your hotel will have more guests once people believe it is a safe and secure destination.