How To Open Your Digital Safe Without A Key, Code Or Tools.

Posted on: 22 June 2016

If you have sensitive or important documents that you want to keep away from prying eyes, jewellery that has significant sentimental or financial value to you, or even just a small amount of money stored away for a rainy day, there is a good chance that you keep one or all of these items in your digital home safe. For home security, entry level digital safes (typically retailing for around sixty dollars) are generally sufficient for keeping your cash, valuables, and personal documents out of the hands of overly-inquisitive family members or perhaps just children who too readily help themselves to your money. By the same token, however, you may also find yourself without access to your own valuables should you forget your safe's entry code or misplace your key. If you find yourself in this particular situation, the following information will be very useful to you.

The good (and bad) news. You may be pleasantly surprised (and equally concerned) to learn that there are two very simple ways to gain entry to your budget digital safe without the need for a key or a code. In a few moments you should be reunited with your valuables; however, if you are storing anything of real value in your home, you should seriously consider upgrading your home safe.

Method 1. If your safe is currently wall-mounted, detach it from its current position so that you are able to move it around freely. The shockingly simple way to gain entrance into almost all budget digital safes is as follows: give the safe a good, hard hit with your palm on the top at the side of the lock, whilst simultaneously turning the handle. Timing is everything here: if you don't get it on the first try, repeatedly hit the top and jiggle the handle back and forth. The vast majority of budget digital safes will open in seconds.

Method 2. Digital safes in this price bracket will typically employ a four-digit code (you may remember setting this code, if not the code itself). The odds of correctly guessing a four-digit code being 1 in 10,000, you may now wish to abandon any thought of working your way through all of the available possibilities, and instead reset your code. Inside your safe there is a reset button, typically located on the inside of the door on the hinge side. Look inside the safe through the rear mounting holes for this button, which will often be easy to reach and press with any long, thin object such as a chopstick or a paintbrush. Press the button, set a new code, and you will have successfully gained entry to your digital safe.

Now, think very carefully about what you might want to store in this kind of safe.