Door Locks | 3 Ways To Secure Your Bedroom Door To Keep People Out For Maximum Privacy

Posted on: 20 June 2016

Getting fed up of people walking in and out of your bedroom without knocking? This can be particularly irritating, especially if you live in shared accommodation and desire some privacy. If you live alone in the room or if your roommate feels the same, follow these tactics when working with your locksmith to secure your bedroom door to keep people out for maximum privacy.

Install A Keyed Cylindrical Or Mortise Doorknob

A keyed doorknob is a convenient way to lock your room when you want to ensure privacy from others. You can either choose from a cylindrical doorknob or a mortise doorknob when it comes to locking your bedroom door. A cylindrical doorknob comes with a round body that fits into a hole in the door to intersect with the latch used for locking the door in place. A mortise doorknob has a rectangular body that fits in a similarly shaped pocket cut in the door by your locksmith. Both locks use a key mechanism to open and close the door, allowing you maximum privacy and protection whether you're in or out of your bedroom.

Install A Push Button Lock On The Inside

A push button lock on the inside is a good way to give you enough privacy without needing to invest in any heavy-duty locks. It's important to note that a push button lock is meant more for privacy and not for security, but then again, this type of lock has been built for interior doors like bedrooms and bathrooms. This type of lock doesn't need any key. You simply need to push a button and the door locks. If you're looking for privacy while working or studying in your room, then this is a good option to get your locksmith to install.

Install A Deadbolt

Apart from privacy, if you're concerned about safety in your bedroom, then you may want to re-consider living there. All jokes aside, sometimes neighbourhoods are prone to burglaries and you just want to feel safer. In this instance, a deadbolt may be a good choice for your bedroom door. A deadbolt lock is engaged by turning a key instead of a spring and is regarded as one of the safest lock options available. You can get your locksmith to install a deadbolt because this can prevent potential break-ins and give you the privacy you desire in your bedroom.

Consider these smart ways to keep people out of your bedroom for maximum privacy when working with your locksmith.