Options You Can Consider When Contemplating Commercial Safes

Posted on: 6 June 2016

If you own a business, chances are you will have some valuables that you would want to keep safe. Your choice of commercial safe would ultimately depend on the nature of these items. For instance, protecting sensitive data would require a different type of safe than one that you would use to secure jewellery. One thing to note though before investing in the safe is its class rating. The higher the class rating of the safe you choose, the higher the insurance payout in the event that burglars compromise the safe. The following are some off the options that you can consider when contemplating commercial safes.

Deposit safes

These are commonly found in retail businesses and the restaurant industry. They are also referred to as drop safes. They get this name because they have a hopper-like contraption at the front of the safe that allows you to easily drop in the items that you would need to secure in the safe, without having to open the safe door. When you want to access your secured items, you would need to key in the authorized credentials so that the safe door can open. Deposit safes are best suited for modest amounts of money such as your day's profits, before taking them out at the end of the day to bank them.

Fire rated commercial safes

As the name suggests, these types of commercial safes primarily function to protect their contents from being decimated by fire. It should be noted that just as you will find commercial safes in an array of classes, you will also find fire safes have varying classifications. The fire classification is what will determine how protected your contents will be depending on the severity of the fire. For instance, fire safes that comprise of thin metal sheets will only offer moderate protection to your contents. This means in the event of a fire, you need to take measures to try to extricate the safe from the premises before the fire becomes too hot. On the other end if you require a fire safe that also provides you with burglar protection, then you should consider safes manufactured from tougher materials such as composite cladding.

Data safes

These are also referred to as media safes. They are designed to protect sensitive items such as paper documents as well as digital media files. They ensure that the temperatures within the safe remain at optimal levels so as to prevent any degradation of the materials that are stored in the safe. High temperatures, for example, can wipe out digital data files.