Finding and Dealing with Mobile Locksmiths

Posted on: 10 May 2016

If you have ever been locked out of your car, home, room or any other place you needed access to, you probably know the bad feelings of frustration, regret and desperation that accompany the situation. Fortunately, there are many mobile locksmiths available today who can reach and assist you quickly and help salvage the situation. There are, however, many ways in which this exchange could leave you upset. The key to coming out ahead when dealing with a mobile locksmith starts from your very first phone call to the locksmith and ends at the last stage of billing and payment. Here are several ways of ensuring you get your full money's worth when dealing with professional mobile locksmiths.

Extra charges

Many people get disappointed when they end up with unexpected extra charges after getting an estimate over the phone. Mobile locksmiths operate over wide areas. When you call for a mobile locksmith, first confirm on the phone how far away they are and how many minutes it would take them to arrive at your location. Some locksmiths include the distance covered as an extra charge, so you should ask about this charge on the phone call. If they seem far away, perhaps you are better off finding another closer locksmith. You should also explain clearly the type of lockout service you need, the model of your locks and many such specifics. You probably don't want to be surprised by an extra charge attributed to the complexity of the job, so make sure that you mention that when asking for an estimate. Once the locksmith has arrived, confirm with them whether they have an official charging sheet that will indicate all their costs. Also, revisit the estimate and ask what else the locksmith will charge for before they commence on your locks.

Official documentation

While you may be frustrated and just want a quick solution to your problem, you should first ascertain whether the locksmith is registered by some association, licensed to perform the tasks, or even insured. Asking for documentation can save you in a couple of instances. If the locksmith ruins your locks or something else in the process of getting you in, you are at least assured of insurance cover.  The documentation part is particularly helpful if your locksmith arrives in some unmarked van or just somehow doesn't sit well with you.

The necessary

In an emergency situation, it is very easy to ask and pay for things you probably didn't need or could have gotten at a cheaper cost. Ask your mobile locksmith for only the absolutely necessary services. If you are pleased by their work, you could schedule other services for a later time with the locksmith-- a time when you won't be making rushed decisions. If it's a lock that needs opening, perhaps just open it first, then call the locksmith tomorrow for rekeying or key cutting services.