Why Call an Auto Locksmith When You've Been Locked Out of Your Car?

Posted on: 22 April 2016

Getting locked out of your car is inconvenient and, depending on the time and place it happens, can also put you in a very unsafe situation. Rather than trying to break back into your car itself or call a tow truck, it's always best to call an auto locksmith to help you get back in. Note why this is and why they're the best professionals for the job.

1. Alarm systems

Today's car alarm systems are very sophisticated and may work in ways that even you don't realize; many of them will sound when they suspect the car is being opened or started with anything other than a real key from the dealer. This is to keep the car from being stolen even by experienced thieves who may have keys that are similar to real keys. They may also sense when certain tools are being used to try to force open the lock on the door. If you don't want your car alarm to sound when you try to get back into your car, it's best to call an auto locksmith.

2. Damage

Not only are today's car alarm systems very sophisticated, but so are their design when it comes to keeping out potential thieves. In times past, you may have been able to easily slide a coat hanger or other device into the window and pull up a lock, but this isn't usually the case today. Trying to force something between the window and the doorframe to reach the lock knob can easily cause the window to break before you ever reach that lock. You might also wind up tearing the rubber seal around the window, since they may fit very snugly in today's cars. Rather than risk this costly damage, it's good to have a locksmith open the door quickly and easily.

3. Tow trucks

A tow truck company may advertise that they assist with auto lockouts, but they may not have the sophisticated tools needed to do this without damaging the locks themselves. They also cannot provide a duplicate key, if you're locked out because you lost your keys. If the alarm should sound, a tow truck driver rarely has the expertise needed to reprogram the alarm, as does an auto locksmith. Calling an auto locksmith is especially important if your car has a coded keypad for the door, as a tow truck driver may not know how to get past these either whereas a car locksmith will have the right tools and expertise to bypass these locking systems.