Sneaky Places to Hide a Safe From Thieves

Posted on: 11 July 2017

Having a safe at home is the best way to protect your most valuable belongings, providing a secure place to store them where intruders can't get at them.

However, it does mean that your treasured possessions are kept together in one place, and that place is instantly recognisable as somewhere likely to contain items worth stealing. While safes are designed to ensure this is no problem, they're not completely indestructible. A safe will thwart the attempts of most would-be thieves, but there are some who are able to break in, given enough time.

Because of this, some homeowners choose to hide their safe, keeping it well out of sight for an extra layer of security. Here are some good potential hiding places for you to consider.

Behind a picture

This is a classic, featured in plenty of detective fiction over the years. However, it can still be really effective, since most thieves won't think to look behind pictures. It's particularly effective if you have a lot of art, as few people will want to try it all to see if it's hiding anything.

Just get your safe fitted into the wall, and cover it with a picture. You can add hinges or a sliding mechanism for easier access.

In a wardrobe

It's best with fitted wardrobes, but a safe can sit in a separate piece of furniture if the base is strong enough to support it. Once it's there, it's easy to hide with clothing and unlikely to be discovered. With fitted wardrobes, you can get the safe installed in the wall so it's easier to cover.

In a child's room

Since children's bedrooms rarely have anything with value, they're largely ignored by burglars. This makes them an ideal spot for hiding a safe, even if you don't disguise it particularly well. However, double it up with another hiding technique, and it'll be extra secure.

Disguised as furniture

Hide your safe in plain sight simply by disguising what it is. Throw a cloth over it and you've got a low table, or if you have the time, cover it in wood and fake drawer fronts, and it could be a bedside cabinet.

Behind appliances or furniture

Bookcases, washing machines and fridges make excellent covers for safes. If you rarely need to retrieve anything, they can simply be pushed in front. For more frequent access, you can use wheels or sliding castors to enable easy movement.

For more ideas, contact a company that sells safes, like Askwith Company.