Your Window Doesn't Need to be Shattered to Need Emergency Glass Repair

Posted on: 20 July 2016

If you own a commercial facility of any sort, no doubt the building has large glass windows out front; this allows customers to easily see inside and also creates a more welcoming environment inside for workers. However, this also means that you might need emergency glass repair at one time or another, as those large windows can get vandalized or suffer damage due to hail or even strong vibrations. When a window shatters, then of course you need emergency glass repair, but this isn't the only time that you may want to call such a service to come to your facility as quickly as possible. Note when you may need emergency glass repair even if the window isn't outright broken.

Chips or holes

If you can see through a chip or hole in the window, this is very dangerous. That means that the chip is so severe that it's penetrated both sides of the window and the glass itself is very weak. Excessive vibrations or any type of pressure on the window near the chip or hole can allow it to shatter in that area. You not only need to call for emergency glass repair, but you also might discuss with your technician a stronger and thicker type of glass that can withstand flying gravel or any other common cause of chips and holes in glass.


A tiny hairline crack in a window might not signal that you need emergency glass repair, but like a chip or hole, if the crack has penetrated both sides of the window, this means the glass is now very weak in that area. You might also note if the crack seems to have spread at all; if so, this means the glass is actually breaking, but very slowly. It could easily shatter as the crack suddenly spreads across the glass, so it's best to have it replaced right away.

Water is seeping in

If water is getting into your facility through the windows, this typically means that the caulk used to keep a window in place is dry and brittle and no longer adhering to the glass or the frame. If the caulk or other materials are not holding the window in place so that water is getting into the building, the window could come out of the frame. This water also increases the risk of mold and mildew growing on your building around the windows, and these can spread easily, causing more damage. Have your windows replaced quickly when you notice water coming in to avoid these risks.