3 Matte Black Door Handle Styles You Can Choose From

Posted on: 23 February 2016

Matte black door handles are increasing in popularity because of their ease of integration into any home décor style. Matte black is so dark that one can hardly see any reflection from the door handle. This article discusses some common matte black door handle styles that you can choose from during your home remodel project.

Traditional Matte Black Doorknobs

These are round and fit into the palm of your hand. When you turn the knob, a bolt or latch inside the lock turns so that the door opens. These matte black door handles can be used on any kind of door without any restriction based on which direction the door swings or opens. They are also very easy to install. However, this handle may not be good if you have family members who have mobility or dexterity problems. For example, it may be hard for an elderly person to hold the handle firmly in order to open a closed door. This is because the round knob does not provide a firm surface to hold onto.

Matte Black Lever Handles

As the name suggests, this style has a handle that one can pull downwards in order to open a door. This type of handle is ideal if you have young children or elderly people who may not have a strong grip. The lever provides a surface that they can easily hold when opening a door. This style of handle is also easy to install onto the door. Many of these handles are made for specific sides of doors. That is why care must be taken during the installation process so that you do not place the handle meant for the inside part of the door outside (or vice versa).

Matte Black Thumb Piece Door Handles

These have a fixed handle onto which you wrap your fingers. The upper part of the handle has a thumb piece that you depress using your thumb. The handle mechanism operates a bolt that locks the door. These door handles may not be suitable if there are people with reduced grip (such as the elderly) in your family. You also need to remember that thumb piece door handles are mainly used on front doors.

Use the information above to select the best matte black door handles for your needs. You may also need the expertise of a lock professional so that you can be advised on what accessories to buy along with the door handles. For example, you may need to install a deadbolt lock if you wish to install a thumb piece door handle. The deadbolt lock prevents intruders from accessing your home.

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