How to Feel Safer in Your Home

Posted on: 27 July 2015

When it comes to increasing your home's safety mechanisms, who's a better person to seek advice from than a reputable locksmith? Nobody! These are trained professionals that have a substantial amount of knowledge in house security and locks, and are fully capable of giving you tips on how to feel safer in your own house.

It never hurts to remind yourself just how important home security is. Here are some basic tips from experienced locksmiths on how to secure your house against theft:

Lock Replacement

When you bought your house and moved in for the first time, did you replace the locks? If not, you may want to do that before considering any other tip. Your locks are basically the first line of defence of your house against a break in. The reason why you must remove the old locks and install new ones is because the previous owners could have offered key copies to family members, friends, or even neighbours.

Any one of these people may, unknowingly, try to gain access to your house thinking the old owners are still there, in case they haven't been informed. You want to avoid that and any other problems that may arise, and you can easily do that by rekeying or changing the locks.

Install a deadbolt lock

After making sure that your previous locks are replaced and that nobody besides you and your family can have access to your house, the next safety tip involves installing deadbolt locks to your doors. Generally, you want to avoid taking a DIY approach with deadbolt locks, as an improperly installed lock will be even less safe than a simple, regular lock.

It is also not recommended to hire an individual contractor to fit the deadbolt lock, since they may not have the professional training needed for the installation of a deadbolt lock, and could struggle in order to properly install it. For the best results, contact a locksmith and have him properly fit your deadbolt lock for increased safety.

Window Locks

If you chose to install deadbolt locks, consider installing locks for your windows as well. Deadbolt locks won't be very effective if the immediate window will be unsecured. Almost every thief will prefer simply breaking the window instead of trying to get through the deadbolt lock. If you want to make sure that your house has the highest security level possible, then you should consider installing a double cylinder lock for the windows in your house as well.